Saturday, January 25, 2014

Stinky boys

As most of you followers of my blog know, I have a husband and two sons, that's 3 stinky boys in my house.  Most of the time I love having them around but sometimes they really bother me.  One of these times has to do with the bathroom.  They are 9 and almost 8, plenty old enough to knock on the door.  Bad thing is this door does not have a doorknob.  Our landlord gave us one that didn't fit. I'm happy to have a door.  Anyways, it doesn't matter what I happen to be doing in the bathroom.  My stinkers barg in on me.  Worse is if I'm using the toilet, they pull the shower curtain back and pee in the tub.  Sometimes the forget to rinse it afterwards. Eww! I hate the smell of pee!  I really don't like cleaning up their messes.  Even my husband comes in and just looks at me.  I love him, but I don't like him seeing me in certain positions.  My least favorite part is the boys splashing water on the floor, or worse, missing the toilet.  
I'm thinking of crocheting a toilet "rug". If it's yellow then they have to scrub the toilet... Just need some white yarn.
New rule is : they are boys. I'm a girl.  My parts are different and they don't need to see girl parts til they are married.  If I'm in the bathroom they knock.  My husband is allowed in, sometimes.... I really don't want him seeing me pop a pimple... Eww! Lol.

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