Friday, January 17, 2014

The penguin ate it

Yesterday I got paid. I deducted $100 out of my account and put it in my purse. As soon as I got home I took it from my purse, counted (5) $20 bills.  I put it into the penguin cookie jar on the counter, closed the lid.  Then I texted my husband " the penguin has the money".
I picked the boys up from school, picked my husband up from the car pool, went to hobby lobby, bought 2 needles and a skein of orange yarn for my son, and came home.
After much debate over dinner, my husband asks me to order pizza.  I do.  He hands the guy $40.45 on a $30.35 ticket, gets (2) $5 bills back.
This morning I ask where the $70 is for me to buy groceries, he hands me $50.
Now we have a problem.  There is a missing $20 somewhere.  We ask the boys, they haven't touched it.  We look for it, it's not inside or outside. So that leaves us with three senerios:
( since we know each other isn't lying)
A. The bank ATM only gave me (4) $20's
- I miss counted
B. My husband miss counted and two of the $20's were stuck to each other, the pizza guy miss counted also and got a big tip.
C. The penguin ate it.


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