Monday, February 3, 2014

Baby razorback

Red heart with love yarn
Berry red( boy/neural)/ pink(girl)  white, & black
Size H hook
(2xsc= 2 single crochet into same stitch, increase)
Beanie, berry red/pink
Chain 4, slip into 2nd stitch, pull tight
Row1: Single crochet 6 into same
Row 2: Single crochet 2 into each stitch round=12(2xsx)
Row 3: Sc1, 2xsc round=18
Row 4: Sc2, 2xsc round=24
Row 5: Sc3, 2xsc round=30
Row 6: Sc4, 2xsc round=36
Row 7: Sc4, 2xsc round=42
Rows 8-21: Single crochet 42
Row 22: [single crochet 9, turn-single crochet into next stitch, across (9)
Turn-single crochet across
Turn- single crochet across 
Single crochet down side of 1st ear flap, (1)slip stitch at bottom], single crochet across to other side roughly 12 stitches
Repeat [ ] for other ear flap.
Row 23: slip stitch finish
With black
Chain 4, slip into 2nd pull tight, 6 single crochet in same
Join white cut& tie black
2xsc in each
Sc1, 2xsc
Sc2, 2xsc
Cut& leave long end 

With red/ pink
Chain 4, slip into second, pull tight.
Single crochet 6 into same. 
2xsc in each
Sc1, 2xsc
Sc2, 2xsc (Sc3, 2xsc for bigger)
FPsc round
Sc round front loop only
FPsc round
Cut/Tie& pull thru back
Join in, sc on top stitch roughly 7( 1/2 circle)
Cut/Tie& pull thru back
Chain 21, turn, single crochet, cut/ tie
Chain 4, slip into 2nd, single crochet 6 into same
2xsc in each
Turn, sc across
Turn, sc across
Keep repeating until only 1 stitch left. Slip stitch last, tie& weave end.

Add braids if desired to ear flaps
Sew pieces together 
Go Hogs!!!


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