Thursday, February 27, 2014

Easy yarn bomb: car fin

Here's what you need: 
Yarn! I used acrylic with love
Wool will felt, cotton fades... 
Sized j hook

Start off by measuring the fin... I use a knot for each area on string.
Decide what pattern you want to use, I used about 5 different patterns, create your own style that best suits you.
Mine I decided to do 5 individual ones. 
A long one will do just as well.
Flowers, squares, plain single, half,& doubles.
When you are finished, leave enough yarn to tie with.  I finished off all my edges, for a more stable peice.  
Yarn needle
Knitting needle( as needed)
I began with the last one, pulled the yarn thru, looped it around, several times back and forth(repeat on first)
On middle ones I sewed up the ends across 3-4 times for stability.
Best thing about these are you can place in the order you like and can add more later.
If using solid piece, 
Place knitting needle through the ends to secure, then stitch up roughly 6 inches at a time so your yarn doesn't tangle.

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