Friday, February 21, 2014


There are some yarns that I love, and then there are some that I love to hate.  Homespun falls into both of these categories.  First off; the fish tank smell is driving me crazy!!! Oh good greif. We bought a red tip shark at wm, the next day it jumps out of the tank and does a face plant on my kitchen floor.  Oyevei!!!
Then I get the brilliant idea to exchange it for 2 fish that are half the price of the shark.... Stand in return line forever:-( then run to get fish... Back in returns... Have to wait for them to get numbers, then by the time we get home, 1 fish is dead!!! Okay. That blows!  Well, this morning one of the sucker fishes decides to stop moving.  I'm guessing it swallowed a pebble.  Good greif!! If all the fish die, I'm getting a turtle& knitting it a cute little sweater.
Now, I've got to make my hubby's grandma something out of this red homespun.  It's great, I just hate I've mentioned in previous posts.  I think a chunky scarf knitted& use some red heart with love berry for a crochet hat!
Here's hoping no more stupid fish die.

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