Wednesday, February 12, 2014


Right now I really wish my grandma had call waiting.  I'm trying to get ahold of her but all I'm getting is a busy signal.  My grandpa had a stroke and is in the hospital.  We just saw him, my lovely husband took the day off from work to come with me.  
Turns out grandma wasn't going to come up after all.  We never got anymore inner soles because the foot store picked the only day we went up there to be closed. Ugh.  Maybe next time.

On a brighter note, I major hauled at the yarn stores!!! Red hart with love was less than it is at Walmart, and they had colors that em doesn't carry!!! Score. Sad thing is I've spent a ton more on my boys fish than on my pretty yarn.  When we got home my yarn from em was delivered.  How ironic.  I'm so tired. I'll have to put up my living room shelf and yarn hauls tomorrow.  Between driving, seeing my grandpa on the hospital, and the fish.. It's been a long day.
I'm glad my grandpa is doing better. 

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