Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Ice, literally

This was taken on my walk home a hour ago,  I must admit the trees are lovely covered in ice.  I'm not particularly fond of the wind chill, however.  I freezing temperatures remind me that after I get toasty in my house I need to ice my right wrist and 3rd&4th fingers.  I'm not certain what happened, but yesterday while I was finishing up a crochet order, my fingers began to swell.  The pain was so intense that I had to stop.  Knitting was slightly better, but there was still a lot of pain. While shopping last night I found a pair of crafting gloves.  I will be wearing them all day.  I know I should wear my brace, but I'm hooked on yarn... Ha! I'm a yarnaholic.  My husband banned me from working last night.  He is incredibly sweet.  He even helped me by looping the strands of my braids to the ear flaps. I had to show him a few times, but he got the hang of it, I must say that I am proud of him for doing a good job.  He only frayed 4.  I think it's time for a nap.  Yesterday I was up for 21 hours, woke at 4 am today( 3 hours of sleep), then again at 6:45.   I'm not having any coffee today.  I will try to only do one project, I will have to wait until my hand heals a bit before I tackle any more orders.

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