Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Legos& boys

As most of you walk outside in the United States, you will be cold... Well, I is a whopping 32* with freezing rain.  How lovely, good thing I am warm inside with my boys.  ( trying not to burn lunch while I type this). They are happy watching lego movies all morning.  I'm busy with work.  Not in the since that you might think.  I've got to take care of the house, finish crochet orders,  complete 3 knit projects, do laundry and other chores, and cook. 
Oh.. And I also did some shopping. Thank goodness that walmart has red heart with yarn in the colors I need to complete my baby blanket.  I am almost finished with the red starter color.  Red is okay on certain things, in fact I'm wearing a red tank top now, but in general, I don't like red.  It makes for a hard start when you don't like the color you are working with. Good thing it is such a easy yarn to work with.  I'll be happy once I switch to the next color, whichever that might be.

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