Friday, February 7, 2014

Lele bug

8 years ago I gave birth to my youngest son, Leland.  He was born via c-section at 8:52 am.  My first glimpse of him was amazing.  Such a small little human, he was 8 pounds, red in color, jet black hair and covered in slimy white gunk.  He was beautiful.  He had very strong lungs.
I wanted to name him ZadianMichael, but my ex in laws told people his name was satan. I took offense to that.  So my little guy went two(2) whole days without a name.   I was heart broken at the negativity.  On the third day my ex husbands sister handed me a list of names and I only liked Leland.  My mother in law at the time said she hated that name, well, tough luck!  My ex wanted merrick as his middle name.  Too bad!! I looked down at my little one, with hair black as cole and said" do you want to be Leland Cole?"  He looked at me and suckled.  That was final.  His name is Leland Cole. My sweet beautiful baby boy.  The little one who used to snuggle up with me, falling asleep in my chest.  He has grown into a handsome, caring, sweet little man.  It saddens me he doesn't like my kisses anymore, but he's still affectionate and mummy's little guy.
Happy birthday Lele bug.  You are loved.

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