Saturday, February 1, 2014


Super Bowl is tomorrow, let me just say that I hope both teams loose.
I know, that is improbable but, I'm just a sore looser.  I really think that the Green Bay Packers should win.. Every single game, ever!!!
Anyways,  I'm already sick of football.  I am however, looking forward to our brunch at church tomorrow.  The ladies at our church sure do know how to cook.  The men aren't too bad either.  Tonight I am working up a black and white baby sox beanie.  I've already done the majic circle to 42 stitches.
Red heart yarn
H Hook
Chain 4, pull, slip into 2nd stitch
6 single crochet into same stitch
Double(2xsc) in each=12
1single, 2xsc =18
2single, 2xsc =24
3single, 2xsc =30(newborn After stretch)
4single, 2xsc =36( newborn no stretch)
5single, 2xsc =42

From here it is simple.  This will be able to fit a 6-12 month easily.
Just continue to single crochet each stitch round =42.
About 5 inches long.
For the sox hat it will have (1)- 2 row stripe of white half way and (2)-1 row stripes at the bottom.
Finish off with 1 row of black.  


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