Sunday, February 2, 2014

Strange places to crochet

The other day I finally had enough of my boys "forgetting" to replace the roll of toilet paper.  Luckily we just got a shelf to go over the back so I didn't have far to reach when I needed some.
Like the great mom that I am, I decided to play a practical prank on them.  I had purchased some vanna white yarn from a yarn site and thought the little skein looked perfect.  I removed the toilet paper and wiggled a hole thru the center of the yarn, inserted the tube& voila!
-- earlier note... My size 10.5 circular needles were great but the tubing was bugging me so I cut it off and replaced the ends with lego people heads.  I'll have to drill a deeper hole so they stay on better, but they are aweful cute, and the boys will learn to pick up their toys if I steal them to recycle them as my crafts!!
-- Anyways... This got me thinking of the subject of using the toilet... I know, ewwwww. That's gross.  Yeah, so is a lot of other things...
I thought about how much we sit there doing what we do.. Instead of play on my phone or twiddle my thumbs, why not knit?? It's gross, well, not really since it's at my shoulder level( I'm pulling from above), the yarn & needles are going no where near my bum or the trash can, and my washing machine is close. When I finish, just pop in the wash.  Oh, and there is Lysol by too. 
I suggest only a small roll so it's not too long.  Also, be assured, the item I'm knitting is for my personal use.   I keep my orders in a "gross free" environment.. Minus the occasional sneeze. ( yes, I keep Kleenex& sanitizer close.)

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