Thursday, February 13, 2014

Yarn bomb

I have yet to yarn bomb something... I've got so many ideas in my head.  I've been wanting a new table for a while now, my mom was sweet enough to give me hers a while back, but it is too big for my little nook area.  We received our federal a week ago so the money was in the bank to get a smaller set!  I must have checked 10 stores before I found one I liked and would fit my space.  Most of the morning was spent driving around town.  Shopping can be exhausting.  I'm glad my wonderful hubby bought me some new shoes.  Anyways I find my table, come home and have to carry it out of my car multiple trips.  It was way too heavy for me to lift.  It took two men to carry it to my car.  My guys all worked hard to set it up for me.  Tomorrow, hopefully I'll have a bit yarn bombed.  
Sleep now.

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