Friday, February 14, 2014

Yarn bombbb

Yarn bombing my kitchen chairs has proven more difficult that I first thought.  Luckily my last haul has left me with enough red heart with love yarn to finish my whole project.  There's a lot to cover with my chairs, let alone my table and I've still got to finish my headrest in my car.  Goodness I've got a lot of projects around my house that needs to be finished.  Makes me wonder what all the ladies that don't posses my creative spirit do when they want to beauty fy their homes.  Simply going to the store has proven exhaustiating.  Finding one thing just to discover they don't have the exact size or color you need/ want, checking another store, yet another, going back to the first store... They have 1 in stock so you get it... Return home, look online and find that the first stores double has another in stock( you need 2)... Running there, and hey!!! That store has a bunch in stock. Geez, your dumb moment right there.
Needless to say I'm tired of shopping.  
I think I'll just yarn bomb all next week. Stay tuned!

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