Thursday, February 6, 2014

Yarn colors

I have a hard time picking out outfits to wear most of the time, as a result from this, I have began to ask my husband which one I should wear.  Most guys are not color wise, my husband tries his hardest to help me whenever possible.  He truly is the best blessing in my life( aside from my children & mom).
I've started a blanket for our "baby to be Please dear God let me conceive".
At first I was going to do the plain rainbow: ROY G BIV
Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, 
Indigo , Violet
I'm not plain.  I borrowed my son's art notebook, bought some colored pencils, and started to work... 4 drawings and color combos later, I still hadn't a clue what color to go next.
I did the most logical thing to do,  I handed my wonderful husband the bin of yarn and asked him to pick a ball. 
He picked the blueish purple color.  It may be because blue is his favorite color, but, I think it's perfect with the berry red.
I'm thankful to have such a amazing husband.  He does everything to help me, without complaining.  

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