Saturday, March 15, 2014

Easy wedding garder

Easy wedding garder 
Caron simply soft party yarn
Lion brand fetticcini yarn( or other stretchy)
Size N hook

Start by measuring around the leg, if you don't know, guess about how big the person is compared to you.  The stretchier the material, the better, to accomply  for error. * I do not recommend elastic, from personal experience*
With stretchy: measure, cut 1/4" longer than needed. Over lap ends and simple stitch sew( doesn't have to be pretty, but try to be straight), I did this on both sides of the overlap.
With Caron: tie your slip knot onto stretchy, single crochet while looping over the stretchy.
2 rows of single crochet or 1 row half double crochet, however thick you wish.
* I'd stay within 5 rows*
You may choose ruffles: 2xsc in 1, sc 2, 2xsc in next, repeate.
Finish with slip stitch.
Weave ends in, or make a simple flower by : chain 3, slip stitch( random) 1 around, chain 3, slip stitch 2 


Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Baby fish

Baby fish
Chunky yarn h hook
Ch 4, pull, slip into 2nd, sc 6
Fp only sc x2=12  
Both: scx2, skip 1, scx2, sc1, scx2, sc1, skip 2
Sc round =18
Sc round=18
Sc 2, skip 1=12
Fill with batting
Sc1, skip 1
Slip st close all but 3,
Sc 2, 2xsc in next, sc round.
Fp only to close flat( stitch across).
Cut& weave ends in.


Knit 1, purl 2

My sister's birthday is coming up so I'm knitting her something.  I'm doing a really simple pattern called " knit 1, purl 2". Here's what it looks like on row 2
I'm using Vanna's choice, in dust purple with size 15 needles. I'll post more as it comes along!!!

Monday, March 10, 2014

Baby high tops

Sorry about my lack of blogging lately.  I've had writers block.  There have been so many ideas, but finding the words to say is difficult.  Anyways, I have another order I am working on.  She's a big white sox fan... Here's the little high tops it made her son.

Red heart super saver
Size G hook
Chain 4, slip in second, crochet around
-chain 1 stitch at each round. Gradually increase around toe area( 1 side).

FPsc with second color,  on second row( after FPsc) go back to last row and sc over first color.
Sc round
keep alternating as wanted to obtain desired look. 

When you've got the top of the foot high enough, start decreasing.
I use the slip 1 as to sc, do not pull thru but slip again in next stitch, pull both, making 1 stitch method.
Sc round til middle plus 2, turn, sc back til middle plus 2, turn
5 skipped stitches 
Continue to sc back& forth changing colors as desired, slip stitch finish. 
Take a long piece of contrast yarn and tie shoe.
I made both shoes at same time, so they are identical, do 2 rows on one, switch, 2 rows on second, repeate.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Mr postman

Everyone knows how cold it's been lately.  But not everyone realizes that like highway workers( my mom), the post office workers are out delivering mail in all kinds of weather. Rain, Snow, Ice,.. They bring you your mail.  My postman is always polite when I see him, so I figure why not give back a little.  I imagine he gets cold.  I made him a simple scarf& left it in my mailbox. I'm sure he will appreciate it.  I would suggest royal blue, red or white, or asking what color they prefer first.  

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Nice to meet you

I've been very busy attempting to organize my yarn stash... Well, I'm almost to the point of liking how everything looks.  My problem is that when I move one thing in my house, I end up rearranging the entire house.  Think: spring cleaning. Bless my husband for putting up with me.  I'm sure he gets tired of coming home and everything is rearranged, with more work for him to do.  He's wonderful to put together whatever I need built.  I really appreciate him, even when my shelvesis are sideways because he rearranged some parts.. He is great for trying.  I wish that companies would lable pieces better and write the instructions clearer.  That would certainly help my husband out a lot.  
Anyways, I was at walmart for what seems like the zillianth time buying another cube shelf for my yarn& other crafts.. I finally find my car and there is a woman looking at the fin( I call it my fin, really a spoiler) of my car.
She commented on my bombing and we got into a nice little yarn discussion.  It sure is nice to meet new people, especially ones that enjoy my work.  
Well, I've still got to finish 3 orders, but this migraines got the best of me. Night