Monday, March 10, 2014

Baby high tops

Sorry about my lack of blogging lately.  I've had writers block.  There have been so many ideas, but finding the words to say is difficult.  Anyways, I have another order I am working on.  She's a big white sox fan... Here's the little high tops it made her son.

Red heart super saver
Size G hook
Chain 4, slip in second, crochet around
-chain 1 stitch at each round. Gradually increase around toe area( 1 side).

FPsc with second color,  on second row( after FPsc) go back to last row and sc over first color.
Sc round
keep alternating as wanted to obtain desired look. 

When you've got the top of the foot high enough, start decreasing.
I use the slip 1 as to sc, do not pull thru but slip again in next stitch, pull both, making 1 stitch method.
Sc round til middle plus 2, turn, sc back til middle plus 2, turn
5 skipped stitches 
Continue to sc back& forth changing colors as desired, slip stitch finish. 
Take a long piece of contrast yarn and tie shoe.
I made both shoes at same time, so they are identical, do 2 rows on one, switch, 2 rows on second, repeate.

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