Saturday, March 15, 2014

Easy wedding garder

Easy wedding garder 
Caron simply soft party yarn
Lion brand fetticcini yarn( or other stretchy)
Size N hook

Start by measuring around the leg, if you don't know, guess about how big the person is compared to you.  The stretchier the material, the better, to accomply  for error. * I do not recommend elastic, from personal experience*
With stretchy: measure, cut 1/4" longer than needed. Over lap ends and simple stitch sew( doesn't have to be pretty, but try to be straight), I did this on both sides of the overlap.
With Caron: tie your slip knot onto stretchy, single crochet while looping over the stretchy.
2 rows of single crochet or 1 row half double crochet, however thick you wish.
* I'd stay within 5 rows*
You may choose ruffles: 2xsc in 1, sc 2, 2xsc in next, repeate.
Finish with slip stitch.
Weave ends in, or make a simple flower by : chain 3, slip stitch( random) 1 around, chain 3, slip stitch 2 


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