Saturday, March 1, 2014

Nice to meet you

I've been very busy attempting to organize my yarn stash... Well, I'm almost to the point of liking how everything looks.  My problem is that when I move one thing in my house, I end up rearranging the entire house.  Think: spring cleaning. Bless my husband for putting up with me.  I'm sure he gets tired of coming home and everything is rearranged, with more work for him to do.  He's wonderful to put together whatever I need built.  I really appreciate him, even when my shelvesis are sideways because he rearranged some parts.. He is great for trying.  I wish that companies would lable pieces better and write the instructions clearer.  That would certainly help my husband out a lot.  
Anyways, I was at walmart for what seems like the zillianth time buying another cube shelf for my yarn& other crafts.. I finally find my car and there is a woman looking at the fin( I call it my fin, really a spoiler) of my car.
She commented on my bombing and we got into a nice little yarn discussion.  It sure is nice to meet new people, especially ones that enjoy my work.  
Well, I've still got to finish 3 orders, but this migraines got the best of me. Night

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